Migration - Classic to HiOS

HiOS software running on state-of-the-art hardware is the best successor to Classic software running on traditional Hirschmann Industrial Ethernet switches and routers. And migration to this latest generation of products could not be simpler.

But technology is advancing rapidly. Functionality which was prevalent in the past has now been superseded. So while HiOS is packed full of the latest technology, some older functions from Classic software are no longer available.

To assist you with a seamless migration, what follows is a list of Classic functions which have been superseded in HiOS, or which now work in a slightly different way.

Category Feature Comment
Features not available
Configuration Support for ACA11 Newer devices support more recent ACA technology
Support for DIP switches These functions are now configurable by software
Off-line configuration
Security IP address-based port security
SSHv1 Superseded by SSHv2
Switching Disable Learning
VLAN IDs in dot1dTpFdbTable No shared VLAN learning
Address Relearn Detection
Alternative Learning Mode
Egress broadcast limiter per port (SW Limiter) Can be achieved with Egress ACLs
VLANs Access to Management from all VLANs
Shared VLAN Learning
Double VLAN Tagging Available but with reduced feature set. No configurable ethertype.
Enhance acceptable frame types by "admitOnlyVlanUntagged" Can be achieved using trust mode per port or ACLs
VLANs 4042 to 4094 available for switching This was only possible with the MACH4002 L2P
Redundancy ARC for MRP
HiPER Ring Master
Fast ring redundancy < 10ms for MACH1000/RSR
RSTP over MRP HiOS can use RCP
Industrial Protocols Add-on Profiles and Add-on Instructions (AOI) for EtherNet/IP
Add-on Profile for Rockwell RS Logix 5000 v20
Configurable EtherNet/IP TTL
Diagnostics Service mode: Deactivation of port on-site manually with redundant power supply (RS20/30/40, MS20/30 only)
PTP IEEE1588(PTP) v1 BC with hardware support
IEEE1588(PTP) Power Profile Settings can be done in HiOS, but no preset
Acceptable Master Table
PTP slave-only mode
Feature Works Differently
DHCP DHCP Relay per Port Full compatibility with Classic under development
Port Security MAC Address-based port-security MAC address patterns can be achieved with ACLs
SNMP SNMPv1 traps Categories not available in HiOS